Laser optimized fiber optic patch cables are used in high speed fiber optic communications. Standards for this 10G fiber were first introduced in March of 2002 in TIA/EIA-492AAAC. the name OM3 fiber optic cable was made in ISO/IEC-11801 2nd edition, besides the OM3 multimode 10G fiber optic patch cables , there are another 2 kinds of multimode cables, one is OM1 which refer to the 62.5/125 MMF, another is OM2 which is traditional 50/125 MMF.

Laser optimized multimode 10G fiber optic cable is also called laser optimized fiber optic cable, it is more and more used in backbone of the WANs and data processing centers.OM3 10G fiber optic patch cable optimize the fiber transmission channel and space usage, simplify the deployment and system test, as well as to provide good performance and density installations. Nowadays the laser optimized 10G OM3 fiber optic cables are typically used in 100meters to 500meters, transmitting rate used from 32Gbps up to 10GBps.

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