Multi fiber optic cable assemblies usually are two types’ structures, one is 1XN type, and the other is NXN type. The 1XN type 1 side use a multi fiber connectors, typically is the MTP or MPO. The MT connectors each contain several fiber optic communication channels, like 12 channel MTP fiber optic connectors. The other side (N side) of the cable uses a breakout kit and fan out structure, typical such cables like Cisco's MPO to 12LC, etc.

Multi fiber optic cable assemblies can be with optional pulling eyes to help deployment of the cable, the cable diameter can be 0.9mm, 2mm or 3mm, some custom designed multi fiber cables use thick PE jacket and are used outdoors. Multi fiber cable assemblies are packed in cartons, they are put on plastic or wood reels to prevent them from being bent too much. We supply various kinds of custom made multi fiber cables with different connector types in single mode and multimode versions.

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